Tips for Managing Dissatisfied Customers in Your Restaurant

Your Restaurant

It is not easy to please everyone regardless of what you do for them. When it comes to restaurant complaints, it does not necessarily have to be your fault that a customer is unhappy. However, it is vital to know how to handle customer complaints. When people come to your restaurant to get the best pizza, they expect the same or better services the next time they come to you. However, what about then someone is dissatisfied with what they get? How do you handle them while maintaining your good reputation? Here is what you do.

Stay Calm and Take Control

If you are the restaurant manager, let your employees know that they should inform you when there is a complaint. The best thing you should do in such a case is to approach the guest and let them know that everything is in control. Regardless of the nature of the complaint, try as much as possible to remain calm. Put a big smile on your face and approach the situation professionally. Avoid being rude or angry at the customer.

Acknowledge their Complaint

Listen to what the client has to say. You will need to understand the issue to know if the client has a valid reason to get angry. Don’t argue with them. Acknowledge their complaint and work towards finding a solution. Listening and talking with the customer might be the only thing you need to stop the issue and show them that their complaint is valued. The issue could be a simple miscommunication or misinterpretation.

Offer Returns, Gifts, or Free Refunds

If you want to avoid complaints in the first place, offer free refunds, gifts, and returns. This way, the customer can return anything they don’t like without filing a complaint. Offering gifts will also create a positive impression of your restaurant. If the customers have a hassle-free refund, they will not be in a position to complain. So, whatever works for you, try to incorporate it into your business to show you value your customers.

Follow Up After a Week

You need to know how a customer feels about your restaurant. So, follow up on them sometime later after the complaint. Invite them to the restaurant and promise something great. A simple follow-up is an indication that you value your customers’ interests and you would not want to lose them.

Admit the Issue Publicly

If the customer puts their complaint on an online platform, address the issue to the public. Let them know what happened and the issue was handled diligently. Address the complaints early and have the problem fixed. You can ask the customer to let people know that their complaint was handled and the restaurant has improved.

Monitor your Reputation Onwards

A simple complaint can ruin your business reputation. Because many people rely on online opinions, try in every way possible to maintain your good reputation. Check what people are saying about you and encourage positive reviews.

The Takeaways!

Customer complains when they are not happy with the services they get. This does not necessarily have to be your fault. However, it is vital to know the right way to handle complaints from unhappy customers.