The Art of Public Speaking for Those Who Fear Speaking In Public


Public speaking truly is considered an art that has been in practice since the dawn of time. Ancient Greece and Rome used it as a form of knowledge; They called it a mixture of entertainment, teaching, and persuasion. A person brimming with these three elements can conquer their audience, and their minds are paving a path to his success!

Fear of Speaking in Public

Despite being considered as a master skill, public speaking is a fear of 70% of the population all over the world. Some manage to compress it and move on with their rhetorical services, while others experience clammy hands, increased heartbeat, anxiety, panic attacks, and many such symptoms. This condition is known as Glossophobia. In this article, we are here to help you overcome this fear and deliver confident speeches or presentations without experiencing trouble!

  • Nobody is Perfect

Before diving into methods or practices, the first step in overcoming your fear is understanding ‘Nobody is Perfect.’ This means that the person you admire on stage must also experience little nervousness. It can be overwhelming or intimidating to speak to a group of a large audience; you’re not alone in feeling a little anxious. Everybody, including the experts, at some point, has had such reactions to public speaking; what matters or helps you stand out is your willingness to become better and conquer your fear of public speaking.

  • Review your Topic

The second step is to master your topic. Suppose your purpose is to motivate others; then look for different angles, stories, etc., by researching thoroughly. Imagine yourself in the shoes of your audience; how would you inspire yourself? What words will impact you? In simple words, think of your audience when coming up with a speech or presentation, capture all the possible corners you can think of, be honest and passionate, don’t be someone stating facts only; be clearly involved in your words. When you do this, you master your prepared writing, and it becomes easier to convey the same message to others!

  • Start With a Mirror

Now that you have calmed yourself and had a thorough study of what you’re going to say, it is time to speak out loud for yourself. Stand in front of a mirror, practice your speech in front of it. This step is awkward, yes, but with it, you’ll be surprised how much your confidence levels rise. It is also not difficult; when you try this out, you’ll realize it’s harder than it looks. You’ll break down; you’ll stop midway but do not quit! Continue until you can easily and bravely express yourself verbally to your reflection. When you manage this, about 90% of your fear will subside easily!

  • Gather a Small Audience

Now gather a small audience filled with those you trust and are comfortable with. Speak out to them, let them hear you, let them laugh at you, and point out the possible mistakes or blunders. Keep all of their reactions secured in your mind and work on them when you’re alone. 

  • Don’t Shy Away

Lastly, for almost everyone dreading public speaking, their coping method is by focusing on everything except their audience. That there is a big mistake! Maintain eye contact with your audience, take a deep breath, maybe take five minutes when on the podium and simply observe everyone looking at you. Have a drink of water and exhale your worries away. This will help your jitters settle down, and your mind will slowly take control. Start speaking, and even challenge yourself to look at that one person in the audience who is judging you carefully. Remember, you cannot control what your audience feels, but you can control your reaction towards it. So, don’t shy away, and you’ll find your confidence slowly returning to you. 


The bottom line is it is normal to feel completely out of bounds at the thought of public speaking, but with the right guidance, you can easily navigate yourself through it. In case the above points don’t work, and you find yourself completely lost, then try seeking therapy. The possibilities are endless, and you just have to be willing to go through them. Let’s wrap this up with a quote,

“if you wish to overcome your fear of public speaking, then SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK and finally SPEAK!”