How Do Leaders Influence The Employees?


Positive influence reinforces employees to work in a way a leader wants. A good leader is aware of the positive consequences of influence. Even the aspect of an employee’s perspective is affected by the actions of other colleagues. That’s why it is said that productive group performance expedites the growth of businesses. Furthermore, positive influence affects the relationship between employees and employers, which further implicates the chances of success and failure. You may consider Scott Paterson Toronto, who perfectly fulfilled his leadership roles for various organizations, including Symbility Solutions Inc., NeuLion Inc., Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation. 

Influence and Motivation

There is a strong link between influence and motivation. An efficient leader like Scott Paterson Toronto understands the motivation for employees and can easily influence them with the help of constructive feedback, modeling behavior and attitude, and giving performance reviews at regular intervals. On the other hand, the leaders who are focused on commanding and controlling the team cannot inspire their team effectively. The negative consequences of inefficient influence include low loyalty and productivity.

How to Motivate Employees?

In an organization, the most important thing is to keep the employee happy with their work. It becomes hard to manage a team in which both the employees and manager aren’t motivated. A dispirited team has lower engagement among colleagues that retards the pace of expansion of business.

The employee is needed to be passionate about their work and challenge the situation to bring out positive outcomes. Below we’ve listed the best ways to motivate the employees in order to stimulate the growth of the company and maximize profit.

1. Creation of Cordial Work Culture

In nine to five jobs, employees spend most of the time in the office. They may feel pressured and stressed while working on bigger projects for many hours. This type of environment can affect their productivity and willpower adversely. Larry Ellison suggests emphasizing on creating a friendly and appealing atmosphere within the office to lower the burden on them. A comfortable and welcoming environment boosts their mood whenever they feel distressed.

2. Ensure the Well-being of the Employee

The company should focus on providing employees benefits. It makes employees realize that the company deems their well-being and future as well, not only productivity. Employees’ benefits packages are a good way to attract their interest. The company generally offers this package to secure the future of the employees. The employees should be encouraged to take part in well-being programs. This is a good way to maintain the overall health of employees and increase the performance for the business growth.

3. Encourage Positive Competition

The employees can incite colleagues to exceed their willpower, productivity, and thinking ability. Encouragement to positive competition emphasizes employees to focus on their self-improvement to win the competition. The employees may start to think differently to solve the problems with creativity. They may challenge their potential rather than focusing on a particular way to complete the task every day. 


Unhealthy competition among colleagues can make the environment more stressful. The unfavorable work culture can curtail the motivation of employees. The company may suffer from a negative employee turnover rate if the employees aren’t treated well. For better outcomes, the leaders are needed to focus on promoting innovation and motivation.