Embracing the Digital World after a Lifetime as a Businessman and Entrepreneur


Traveling, working, and living in different places gives invaluable experiences. You learn new cultures, languages, and values and meet other professionals that improve your network. Therefore, getting international business experience is beneficial for personal and professional reasons. As the world heals from the pandemic, businesses have been doing everything possible to survive. However, recovering will not be enough, and since businesses have realized this, they have learned to embrace digital transformation. “Digital has formed the new normal and proved to be a salvation for many companies.” This is according to Bernard de Laguiche, an international businessman and entrepreneur with ample knowledge of international business experience. From his view, retailers and brands are embracing digital, which has grown their online orders. Therefore, businesses have understood the coronavirus’s consequences and can now adapt to the new normal.

Setting the Growth Agenda

Today, companies are rethinking the duty of digital in their strategies. Adopting digital technology has become universal even though most companies are already leading. They show that talent, technology abilities, resources, and leadership provide better outcomes. The results also show that organizations yet to embrace this transformation are missing out on opportunities to invest in specific areas that this transformation might disrupt.

Companies can recognize what matters to employees and customers and adjust their processes to meet these things. It includes reshaping the business value to help transform it into an organization that can respond to changes. Bernard de Laguiche states that through remote working, companies have increased flexibility to understand their employees and customers better. Therefore, focusing on knowing the employees and customers will help companies stay relevant post-pandemic. It is about building a comfortable environment for their workers and customers.

After the pandemic struck, companies looked for ways to collaborate and continue working and delivering services. They turned to video conferencing to maintain engagement with workers and customers. Therefore, the modern digital world has forced organizations to find creative solutions so that they can continue working remotely and serving their customers.

Before the pandemic, technology was an essential part of business, and organizations were using it as a practical means to engage their customer, improve workplace flexibility and automate processes. However, when the pandemic came, and social distancing and stay-at-home were introduced as protocols, organizations accelerated the adoption of technology. This rapid shift to digital has changed the roles within businesses.

Looking At Employee and Customer Experiences

Employees are nearly working from home the entire home. Therefore, companies have been forced to use digital capabilities to cater to employee experience. There have adopted virtual working, which has impacted employee satisfaction. Therefore, the digital world has helped reduce the turnover many companies experienced after the pandemic. By creating digital platforms that improve the experience, organizations will not suffer the cost of hiring new employees.

Closing Thoughts

As the world is going through a transformation, the business world has also changed in response. Companies and entrepreneurs are investing in protecting their digital security and building technology that will enable their employees to work from home. These changes will last, and people will work from home without interrupting performance or productivity.