Eyebrow Aftercare: What to Do and Avoid Post-Procedure


Maintaining your new eyebrows after microblading and semi-permanent cosmetics application is crucial to their beauty and durability. Please carefully read the eyebrow aftercare instructions below because they apply to all of our brow treatments: Powder brows, combo brows, and microblading


Avoid letting anything touch your eyebrow area, including water, lotion, soap, or makeup during the first week following your embroidery eyebrow session.

Please wash your face gently, avoiding getting water on the treated region near the brow.

The first week following the surgery may see the development of itching and flaking. Avoid picking or scratching because these actions can prematurely remove scabs, provide patchwork results, or leave scars. Nevertheless, past experience suggests that if these aftercare recommendations are followed, these symptoms can go away soon.

Make sure your hands are fully clean and use a cotton swab and clean hands to gently apply the post-care ointment.

This can be done twice a day, at night and in the morning, but because your skin needs to recover itself, use the ointment sparingly. Please keep using the ointment for seven days.

All 14 days following the surgery, the following must be avoided:

  • Increased perspiration
  • Playing sports
  • Swimming
  • Hot tub, sauna, or jacuzzi
  • Tanning in the sun or a salo
  • Exposure to chemicals or UV/UVA rays, which are known to alter the color and hasten to fade.
  • Any laser, chemical, or peeling treatments, as well as any lotions applied to the treatment region that contains Retin-A or glycolic acid
  • Removing the pigment by picking, peeling, or scraping the area with micro pigments to prevent scarring
  • Carrying out major household cleaning duties, such as cleaning the garage or basement where there is a lot of airborne debris
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, which might delay the healing of wounds
  • Driving a convertible, a boat, a bicycle, or a motorcycle in the open air
  • touching the brow region besides when using a cotton swab to rinse and apply the post-care lotion

Please get in touch with your physician right away to discuss further instructions if you experience any unanticipated difficulties with the skin’s healing process.

Check for any signs or symptoms—fever, swelling, pain, red streaks running from the treatment site to the heart, raised body temperature, or any discharge that is green or yellow in color and has an unpleasant odor.

Be sure to get in touch with a doctor right away once any of these appear.


Depending on your body’s ability to heal and your age, the full healing process will take 4-6 weeks. Throughout the healing process, your new eyebrows will go through numerous stages.

Just like getting lip embroidery Singapore, the pigment will look incredibly artificial. The following day, the pigment’s hue will be noticeably darker.

Due to natural skin regeneration, brows may appear lighter than they were during the healing period (peeling). You might think that the color is fading too quickly because of this. Even with good maintenance, clients occasionally see greater fading in some areas, giving their brows an uneven appearance. It is entirely typical. Because of this, most clients require a touchup after six weeks.

As soon as the skin begins to recover, it will resemble dry skin or dandruff flakes. However, your eyebrows are simply losing their surface color and dry skin through natural means. About 30 days after your treatment, your eyebrows will have taken on their final appearance.

Never rub the treatment area since doing so will prevent the skin from healing normally.

When your eyebrows are exposed to the sun, always put a layer of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to SPF 50 on them once they have fully healed. The color pigment may fade more rapidly if exposed to sunlight.

Avoid applying foundation where your healed eyebrows are concerned. Your eyebrows will appear lighter if the foundation is applied over healing brows.

Now that you have gorgeous new eyebrows enjoy them. You will adore your brand-new stunning, stylish appearance!