15 Best KissCartoon Alternatives That Will Win Your Heart

If you ask me what’s your biggest wish? Without a second, I would say it’s living my childhood days. But, that’s not possible! One thing which is possible is recreating those beautiful memories of our childhood (Watching those memorable childhood animated shows and cartoons) When I say this, the first thing that comes to my mind is KissCartoon. It was the website that helped me to embrace my childhood entertainment.

But after I discovered it I knew someday I would have to say “Goodbye” to KissCartoon because of its piracy. And I wasn’t the only one who was in love with it. There were thousands in the queue! The day finally arrived and took KissCartoon away from us. That shattered thousands of hearts…

 After its ban, many struggled to watch content for free. However, In less time, I found some websites that offered similar services to what Kiss Cartoon used to do.

That urged me to create this article and let all of you know about these websites and their features. Without any further ado, let’s explore one after the another and see which one wins your heart!

15 KissCartoon Alternatives That Stream Cartoons For Free

1. KissAnime

There are reasons why I mention KissAnime at no. 1 position.

First of all, you get HD picture quality of cartoons with exceptional sounds. Furthermore, it’s accessible on almost every platform. Like, if you’re away from your place you can still have your favourite shows through KissAnime.

Do you know what’s eye-catching about it?

Its user interface and content library that offer download options in different languages…

I’m pretty sure it will win your heart in the first place when you scroll through it!

Highlighting Features:

  • Eye-catching interface
  • Available in several languages
  • Download options at various resolutions

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2. AnimeToon

The next is definitely AnimeToon because of its in-built video player and huge content.

It’s attractive and convenient to use. You type your favourite cartoon on the search and you will find endless options displaying all the episodes.

It’s one of the few websites that were popular when KissCartoon was a thing!

And I can bet on AnimeToon because of its excellent functionality and smooth template.

Highlighting Features:

  • Easy to access and In-built player
  • Huge content and organized content library

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3. KissCartoon.info

Are you a Marvel fan? If yes then this website is no less than a treat. You get to watch every marvel animated series for free.

Besides, KissCartoon.info organized its content in a way you find easy to access

It’s my favourite place to recollect my childhood memories that displays all the episodes of Marvel shows.

Highlighting Features:

  • Features cartoons and anime shows from different genres
  • Convenient to access
  • Free to watch any content

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4. KimCartoon

You know, what makes KimCartoon popular? Its content library and convenient navigation.

I personally loved this for its easy to use interface and loading speed.

For you, it displays thousands of episodes with no subscription fee. Also, its suggestions of trivia and stories of various movies & comics feel like a cherry on the top.

It gives a quick tour of your childhood from its content library and lets you enjoy the moment!

Highlighting Features:

  • Organized content library and easy to navigate
  • Catchy interface and loading speed
  • Share interesting trivia, stories and facts

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5. 9Anime

I run out of words when it comes to complimenting this website. It’s one of the best KissCartoon alternatives that streams cartoons that originated across the globe.

If you ask me why I love 9Anime? I would say it’s the one-stop destination to live your childhood as well as others’ childhood.

You get cartoons and shows from various genres in different languages. Also, you access them with the help of its flawless features like search option, theme, interface and so on.

It’s a whole new experience to watch content at a great loading speed with the best video and audio quality.

Highlighting Features:

  • Excellent user interface
  • Displays shows, series, and cartoons in different languages
  • Stream content at the finest video and audio quality

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6. Cartoons.on

When I visited this website my first reaction was “wow”.

It has a decent and professional template convincing enough to attract any new visitor.

It’s a website that doesn’t feature all of your anime and cartoons but displays a few of your childhood and latest ones at superior picture quality.

What fascinates me is its content suggestions-you get thousands of popular cartoons from different time phase of time.

Besides, it also has an in-built video player that allows it to function on a different platform.

I’m confident that you would love this website when you visit it for the latest cartoon shows.

Highlighting Features:

  • Best in-built video player and content suggestions from various genres
  • Displays animated shows at the highest resolutions with flawless audio quality

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7. WatchCartoonOnline

If you plan to watch your favourite cartoon where there’s no pop-ups or advertisements, WatchCartoonOnline should be your first preference.

It’s a phenomenal KissCartoon alternative that streams cartoons at zero fees.

Well, it’s not that top-notch website when you look up the latest entertainment. But it’s way better than those that annoy you with advertisements and redirects.

For me, WatchCartoonOnline is my final stop to relive my childhood memories with no hassle and disturbance.

If you ask me what drives me towards it? The answer would be its high-quality videos in multiple languages that matter the most to me!

Highlighting Features:

  • Displays content without ads or pop-ups
  • A smooth user interface to find content
  • Excellent loading speed to access the content

What’s next?

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8. CartoonCrazy

I discovered CartoonCrazy when I thought of those cartoons which I had never watched in my childhood.

To be honest, I find this website perfect for exploring old cartoons. It’s a one-stop destination where you can enjoy specific content at its highest quality.

Like others, it’s also available for different formats that make it seamless to access.

But what grabs my attention is its superior quality with in-built subtitles in different languages.

I binged watched ‘American Dad’ on CartoonCrazy which I never watched in my childhood days. But I want to know your side-what will you watch after visiting it?

Highlighting Features:

  • Cartoons and animated shows available in different formats
  • Superior quality content available without spending a single penny
  • Beautiful website look to explore other features

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9. B98.TV

B98.TV is a place to take a glimpse of all your favourite cartoons in one go.

It’s not a website but a new world to me. I love the fact how it suggests content and displays cartoons and animated movies.

Besides, it has eye-catching templates, a convenient user interface, and top-class video quality to keep me glued to it.

You will find all of the episodes of Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry tales and others.

Highlighting Features:

  •  Loads content from all types at great speed
  • Eye-catching template and smooth user interface
  • Topclass video quality to keep everyone stick to it

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10. AnimeLab

I love this website because it specifically focuses on Anime content that plays a big part in my childhood.

AnimeLab was the first website I found worth watching after KissCartoon’s ban.

All I had to do was sign up to access the content. After signing up I peacefully binged watched my favourites at an HD picture quality. The experience was phenomenal!

That’s why I feel like adding it to this list of best KissCartoon alternatives.

I’m confident you will like its smooth interface and HD quality videos when you visit.

Highlighting Features:

  • Features HD quality content
  • No advertisements and pop-ups to create any form of disturbance
  • A phenomenal user interface to attract new visitors

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11. DubbedAnime

It’s not only a free streaming website but a platform to promote popular and high-quality cartoon shows.

DubbedAnime is the only KissCartoon alternative that streams shows and anime to make money from donations. It has never enabled Google or other advertisers commercials.

Also, you get tons of cartoon shows without performing any tasks or surveys.

You know, what I love about it is its simple user interface with no disturbance like pop-ups or advertisements.

That’s what a visitor expects from such a website-a quality content with no distraction.

But I want to know how you feel while watching your favourite show on DubbedAnime.

Highlighting Features:

  • Promotes content at the different picture quality
  • Available dubbed and subbed movies and shows
  • Smooth user interface and content suggestions

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12. AnimePlanet

Any Manga series fans?

If yes, here’s the good news. AnimePlanet has a wide collection of Manga at superior picture quality.

It’s one of the best KissCartoon alternatives because of its huge library of anime in different languages. Moreover, you can enjoy every content without getting your hands on sign-ups.

This is the best website I would recommend to you that comes with a smooth user interface and a re-equipped database.

Highlighting Features:

  • Accessible on any platform
  • Content available at HD-picture quality
  • In-build video player

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13. ToonGet

ToonGet is a one-stop destination to binge-watch content.

You will be amazed by its content library that covers all of the episodes of Ben10, Loony toons, LEGO Star Wars, and others.

When I checked this website in the first place it was attractive enough but in little time it changed its appearance and made it easy to access.

Now it has a decent interface with well-organized content in different resolutions. Besides, you can watch online or download content in different languages.

I’m confident you will like this website that offers simple and valuable features. 

Highlight Features:

  • Streams superior quality episodes and shows
  • In-built video players
  • Content is organized and available on different platforms

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14. AniWatch.me

It’s one of the KissCarton alternatives that offer an array of content to you.

You will enjoy various childhood shows, cartoons, animated series, and so on. With its new features, you can also enjoy the latest anime series like The Millionaire Detective, Great Pretender, BNA, and others.

Like others, its interface is smooth and eye-catchy which lets anyone reach their desired content. And the reason why it is liked by many people is its FAQ section. This helps to clear your queries and doubts you face while scrolling the website.

Moreover, it keeps updating its database to deliver uncovered series and shows to you.

Highlight Features:

  • Latest and old cartoon shows at high resolution
  • Smooth interface to watch any content
  • Great loading speed
  • No pop-ups or advertisements to cause disruption
  • In-built video player and organized content library

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15. WatchAnimeDub

WatchAnimeDub is the last on this list.

Like others, it is also available in a free version with top-class video and audio quality.

But what makes WatchAnimeDub unique and best as KissCartoon alternatives is its website structure.

You will get cartoons and shows of several genres simply by signing in.

Moreover, you will find interesting stories and trivia of those who you wish to watch. And it seems like a complete package where you learn your favorite childhood character’s interesting facts.

Highlighting Features:

  • Top-quality animated show and series available
  • Display interesting facts and stories while watching
  • Impressive website structure to suggest content

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Final Words

These are the websites that gained momentum after KissCartoon’s ban.

They’re free, valuable, and worth watching, and offer several perks to people like us whose childhood was completely into cartoons. You can make those people’s days bright by suggesting this list of best KissCartoon’s alternatives.

Next time if anyone asks you how was your childhood? Tell them I’m still living it with these websites…