15 JustDubs Alternatives That Are Gaining Popularity

Ask anime lovers about JustDubs and they will never be tired of talking about it. 

JustDubs was one of the hottest platforms to enjoy English dubbed anime for free. But in little time, it has seen its darkest days due to its involvement in piracy.

After its ban, fans went devastated and started seeking alternatives.

That’s why we’ve come up with this post to share the best JustDubs alternatives to save your day.

15 Best JustDubs Alternative in 2021

1. Crunchyroll


What makes it top this list is its complete library of anime and series.

We love it due to its non-geo-limited service, which means you can consume over 25,000 anime episodes from any corner of the world.

Although the picture quality is 720p which allows you to watch anime from several genres, including action, drama, mystery and so on.

Also, you will find countless anime once you open its website and start scrolling. And we bet you will experience the best user interface as it is compatible with any platforms, including Android, Chromecast, and others.

What we love about Crunchyroll is its loading speed which matters the most…

We proudly say that it’s the best JustDub alternative that offers excellent loading speed, content library, suggestions and a user interface.

2. Anime Heaven


Anime Heaven is the one-stop destination if you love to watch anime on your mobile. What grabs our attention is its mobile-friendly interface and brilliant loading speed.

Besides, there are no spam surveys and tasks to access its premium anime episodes for free.

It’s among the few platforms that have its own privacy policies to kick the spammers and mal-practitioners out of its way.

It’s not a service but a complete package for anime lovers that offer a plethora of content. And we’re certain you would like its top-notch security, functionality and organized content library.

3. AnimeShow.tv


AnimeShow.tv is also the best JustDubs alternative that offers an array of anime and series.

What makes it exceptional is its load speed to display anime series from various genres such as fantasy, drama, romance, action and so on.

You name it and AnimeShow suggests you the best one…

You know, it has an eye-catching interface that recommends you series one after the another. Its loading speed and search option will definitely intrigue you to stick to it till late.

4. CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy is another best alternative to JustDubs.

We’re in love with this platform where there is no registration, signups, surveys to enjoy an ocean full of content. You get everything for free with superior picture quality.

Besides, you can consume animated content and western cartoons at high loading speed.

CartoonCrazy has dedicated servers for you to avoid the hassle. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best JustDubs alternatives due to its user interface, speed, content library, etc.

5. KissAnime


KissAnime was always popular for its free English dubbed anime service. But the ban on JustDubs let anime fans move to this platform.

It’s one of few platforms that has given a tough competition to Just Dubs.

But its rich content library makes it stand out from the rest. You will find several anime series, Hollywood drama and cartoons at high loading speed. Moreover, it displays content at 720p which is good as no free website shows content at the same resolution.

Also, the interface separates every category that allows you to access it smoothly. KissAnime is a prominent platform for all types of content if you look for a blend of entertainment.

6. Sidereel


If you wish to watch old anime, Sidereel should be your first choice.

It has a plethora of western cartoon and animated series. However, there is one option that displays Hollywood movies as well. Well, you won’t see the latest one but definitely old ones which have caught millions of attention.

For your convenience, it kept its interface simple and sober to let you enjoy content hassle-free.

It’s the best JustDubs alternative because of the content library, easy accessibility, simple features, etc.

7. AnimePahe


What we love about AnimePahe is its well-organized content that suggests the latest and popular ones.

Like others, it also displays series and cartoons at a good speed but its user interface is top-class.

You will experience it personally when you scroll through its website. Also, you will experience an interface seamlessly to enjoy the content at 720p

What’s best is it offers content without any external disturbance like advertisements, pop-ups and surveys.

We love how it beautifully suggests the latest episodes of popular anime which makes it the best alternative to Just Dubs.

8. AnimeToon


It’s the website that barely buffers while watching any series or anime. AnimeToon is the best JustDubs alternative available in the free version. However, it displays advertisements that might overwhelm you sometimes.

But what’s important is its free accessibility to thousands of cartoons and anime shows with an eye-catching interface.

It’s one of the recommended platforms for kids shows and anime at superior-quality of the picture.

9. 9Anime


9Anime is a free to use platform for anime lovers. It’s one of the few platforms that was famous when JustDubs was at its peak.

After JustDubs’ ban, many fans migrated and started using it for several reasons. First of all, It perfectly categorizes the content in various languages. On top of that, it’s free to use with advertisements displayed on the website.

Moreover, you can watch and download anime from different genres at any time.

What more you want from a platform that already offers several benefits?

We consider it as futuristic as it keeps updating for better performance. You can watch, download, and share anime content with your friends conveniently.

10. Anime Planet


It’s the topmost platform for anime watchers and cartoon lovers. We say it because we’ve experienced its high-quality anime with the best loading speed.

Anime Planet is a simple to use platform with thousands of English Dubbed content. You get brilliant quality content from any part of the world.

However, it shares content on its vibrant interface with smart search options that lead you to various shows and anime.

We’re confident that you would visit it for anime but end up falling for its interface and content suggestions.

11. Chia-Anime TV


Chia-Anime TV is always famous for free English dubbed content but for limited ones.

However, it gained attention when authorities banned JustDub and made its fans moved to Chia-Anime TV.

It’s those platforms that allow you to watch or download content for free.

What fascinates us is you can watch any anime in a 360-degree view without a single penny.

It’s free for every anime lover, that never asks for surveys, signups and mundane challenges to access any special content. Moreover, you will find the latest anime episodes within a few days of their release.

12. AnimeLab


AnimeLab owns features that are similar to JustDubs.

And it makes no sense to ask questions on AnimeLab’s popularity. It has been popular before the existence of JustDubs.

There are several reasons why AnimeLab is the best and most prominent in this market.

First of all, it attracts anime lovers with its graphical interface. Besides, it allows you to enjoy content with no disturbance.

You can enjoy an array of content with exceptional loading speed with HD-quality series.

13. AnimeUltima


It’s an ultimate website that displays anime and cartoon shows without asking a single penny. It’s convenient to access dozens of popular English dramas and anime shows as well.

Besides, there is a category to learn your fav anime characters’ facts, stories and amazing trivia.

We find it really interesting when you watch a particular series and learn its trivia displayed on the screen.

It’s the few platforms that provide free popular animes and amazing stories without any advertisements. That’s why AnimeUltima is the best alternative if you expect popular anime web shows on one platform.

14. Animeland


Animeland owns and shares over 45,000 anime with its viewers. You can consume all these for free with a phenomenal load speed.

It’s the best JustDubs alternative that contains countless content with HD picture quality. Moreover, you get trivia and details after searching a particular content.

It’s the few services that focus on viewers’ satisfactions rather than the user base.

If you experience any sort of error or disturbance its customer support connects with you to deliver what you have come for.

Animeland is the best site that is fully open-source where you mustn’t have to join or sign up to enjoy its services.

15. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime should be at the top spot but mentioning it, in the end, gives us more time to conclude this post. It’s the no. 1 website for a smooth and smart interface with impeccable layouts to access services.

It’s the topmost website in Asia countries where you will find the majority of anime lovers.

However, what makes it special is its alignment of content where you get the latest, popular, and highly-rated anime and cartoon shows. It’s not only best but better than JustDubs that offers English dubbed anime with HD picture qualit.Click here to read more interesting topics.