Leave No Surprises Behind with a Prepaid Funeral Plan


Thinking about your own passing isn’t easy. It’s one of the most difficult things to imagine, both literally and emotionally. 

You may start to think of those you’ll leave behind or even wonder what your funeral will be like. Though death can sometimes be unexpected, if you have family, are “getting on a bit” in age, or suffering from health problems. It may be a good idea to start thinking of prepaid funeral plans.

It’s perfectly understandable and common to not want to face this sad, scary reality. Many people put off this inevitability, but avoiding it completely and not having a prepaid plan in place can end up being a nasty surprise for your loved ones, who will already be grieving.

Funeral Costs Are Rising

Unfortunately, inflation has affected even the cost of funerals and they have perhaps been hit the hardest. The average cost of a funeral in 2004 was around £1,920. In 2016, SunLife’s ‘Cost of Dying’ report showed an increase far beyond the general level of inflation to an average cost of £3,897. This is 103% in 12 years.

Now, in 2021 a basic funeral costs £4,184 on average in the UK, this is 128% from 2004 and a 25% increase from 5 years ago. In London that average cost rises to £5,235. 

The latest SunLife report now puts the average ‘Cost of Dying’ at £9,263 (this is funeral cost, plus extras like the wake and professional fees). This report was published at the start of the year in January, so these figures may have already risen very slightly, we’ll see again what the 2022 figures look like in a few months.

Protection from Rising Funeral Costs

These are very grim statistics, but the one small ray of hope is that with prepaid funeral plans, your payment is contractually locked in and protected from these rising costs. So if you purchase a plan now but don’t pass away for another 10 years, you will avoid these skyrocketing costs, giving your loved ones peace of mind.

Leaving extra money saved on funeral costs can be a bittersweet gift, your grandchild could use the money to buy a car or learn to drive, or your children can get a deposit on a better house. There are of course many ways that this saved money you can leave behind will help. A prepaid funeral is a way of leaving an additional piece of legacy behind and your memory will live on through the extra help that choosing a prepayment made for you loved ones.

Prepaid Funeral Plan Information

You will need to contact a funeral home or visit their website for individual details on how their prepayment plans work, but it is a much better alternative to creating a savings account solely for your funeral. You may save up money thinking it’s enough but after you pass away your family are left to find additional funds at an already difficult time.

A number of funeral homes let you pass the prepaid plans to someone else. Thinking about others’ deaths is hard, it can lead to uncomfortable conversations, but it should be something you can talk about. If a loved one passes away, transferring a plan to a family member could help at a difficult financial time, though terms and conditions will apply so check with your chosen funeral home.

Different Types of Plans

A lot of funeral services offer different tiered plans. These different tiers will offer varying options, which also depends on cremation and burial, including extra access to the chapel of rest, 1 or 2 limousines, type of coffin and the inclusion of the service at the church. 

There are many variables with funeral homes and prepaid plans, so if you are thinking of a prepaid plan, contact them to explore your options. They should be able to advise you of certain things that could increase fees and charges outside of the prepaid plan. 

For example, though a prepaid plan may cover the service at the church, the church itself may have an additional fee, so make sure to check these details as well to avoid as many unexpected extra costs as possible.