How to Boost Your SEO During the Holidays


The holidays are near, but that doesn’t mean you should stop marketing your business. In fact, you should go heavy on your plans, especially if you’re in an eCommerce industry. The holidays are the peak of online shopping, searches, and customer traffic, so it would be perfect for taking advantage of the season. 

In order for your marketing plans to be successful, you should prioritise your SEO. Check out Digital Spotlight for their offered services.. SEO will be your way to get the most benefit out of the holidays. Here’s how you can boost your SEO so that your eCommerce business will thrive during that season: 

1. Take Advantage of Free Product Listings

Watch out for free product listings being offered by different search engines. Those will help you reach countless people who use those search engines without paying for it. 

During the holiday season, there’s a spike in shopping search results. So, search engines like Bing and Google allow marketers to market their products through an organic, unpaid listing. As mentioned, if you take advantage of that free product listing, your business can reach countless people shopping for presents during the holiday season without the need to spend any marketing budget. 

2. Always Monitor the Performance of Your Campaign

One effective way to boost your SEO during the holiday season is to monitor the performance of your past campaigns. In doing so, you can make more intelligent choices and more effective campaigns when the holiday season comes. Check which of your campaigns are high performing. Then, try to use it again during the holiday season. 

3. Make Sure to Use Structured Data

Just so you know, Google has launched several shopping features in search results. If you don’t feature your items, your ranking will not be in a good spot. If your ranking is not on the top search results, you will not generate enough customer traffic on your website. So, in order to achieve the top spot, make effective use of structured data. 

You can do that by incorporating relevant keywords into your content. For example, if you’re selling a makeup product, include that particular product in your keywords so that Google will rank you for that specific term. Making use of structured data can draw the attention of potential consumers. It’s also Google’s clue to know that you’re providing users with relevant information, making them more likely to rank you on the top spot. 

4. Modify Your Content for the Holidays

For a more successful SEO campaign, you should modify your content for the holidays. Rearrange how you will market your products or services, and recalibrate your target audiences. Why? Because there’s a change in the purchasing goals of each individual. 

Let’s take a look at video games as an example. During regular days, the primary buyer of video games is usually the player. But, when the holiday comes, many people will buy it for gifting purposes. So, during the holidays, your content should not only be for the players but also the gift shoppers. This way, you can boost your SEO, reach more audiences and increase your sales. 


The holidays are the perfect time for eCommerce businesses to reach far more sales. It can also increase search visibility as interest spikes during this season. But, you can only achieve that if you focus on boosting your SEO. So, make sure that your content, website and product pages are SEO optimised so that you can get the most benefits out of this season. 

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