Here Are the Most Difficult Items to Pack for a Move


The moving day normally comes with many tasks and responsibilities to complete. Although some clever preparation and planning for a move may help alleviate the stress involved, some items are just difficult to pack and move.

This is because most of the things you have at home are frustrating, bulky, and fragile to deal with. Some of these items include:


Decorations, family pictures, art designs, souvenirs, and vases are priceless. You should handle them with more precision and care. Packing them properly is one of the sentimental parts of moving because they hold the history of your previous house.

The best way to pack artworks is to place them in mirror boxes. If they are bigger, you may place them in a wooden crate with two layers of cardboard for more protection.


Packing and moving televisions are challenging since there is a lot to do. Before you unplug everything and pack your TV, have a picture of the cords plugging to know what goes where when resetting your television.

Your preferred moving company may advise you to go to a local hardware store and ask for one moving box suitable for TVs. The box needs to also fix a 70-inch TV and must have more protective materials.

Fish Tank

Aquariums are big and heavy, and moving your fish can be more stressful. However, careful preparations can increase the odds of your fish thriving and survive in your new home.

Before you leave your old house, be sure to empty ¾ of the water in your tank. This normally helps to keep the bacteria colony intact when refilling your water.

Remember to as well transfer your fish into a small container or bag using tank water and use your car to transport them.


Moving a houseplant can be tricky. You will be moving a big container of dirt, which might get messy. Plus, throw in a long drive and extreme temperature, and you will be facing plant fatalities.

The best way to pack your plants is to consider transferring them to plastic pots. Do this several weeks before planning your move and give them more time to settle.

Washing Machines

The presence of washing machines on an inventory is likely to elicit a scream inside. It doesn’t need rocket science to understand why.

They are basically cumbersome. If your move consists of professional staff, they can just wheel your machines out to a truck or van.

Firearms and Sharp Objects

Although it is challenging to pack and handle sharp objects, such as knives, moving firearms and weapons to other states might require a special permit.

Ascertain that you have the required licenses and documents to hold your firearms and learn more about the compliance associated with them.

The Bottom Line!

Other than the above difficult things to pack and move, there can also be several items, which might give you a headache to handle.

These can be built-in items, pets, cars, bikes, and other heavy things. So if you want to make packing easier for your move, hire a reliable moving and packing company.