Everything You Need To Know About World Markets Before Investing


A stock market is a great place if you want to earn some money, but it requires a specific set of skills. Even if you do not possess such skills, you can acquire them in no time. 

Some things need to be kept in mind before beginning to invest in the stock market. You must have a particular goal in mind based on which you should plan your investments. 

Moreover, we do not recommend investing with most of your bank balance. Instead, you should plan well and invest wisely. For such guidance, you need the right trading platform. 

The right trading platform will cater to all your needs and requirements. It should also be safe, convenient, and comfortable for you to make your trades on. 

In this context, World Markets can be a great option for a reliable trading platform. It was founded in 2003 and was initially just a place where people can trade with gold and silver bullion, both online and offline. 

But, its growing popularity compelled the company to expand its reach and services which brings us to the point where World Markets now allows its customers to trade stocks and other tradable commodities. 

Key features

Some key features of World Markets make it stand out from the rest of the trading platforms of the world. 

No surprise demand for fees

A lot of trading platforms charge an amount of fee when you register with them. Later, you also have to spend an amount as a minimum deposit for your trading account. 

But, World Markets has no such surprises. You can be rest assured that you will not be met with the sudden demand for money. The money that needs to be spent will be made perfectly evident right at the beginning of registration. 

Educational content for beginners

The stock market has lately become so popular because of the inclusion of more and more people. Thus, the trading platforms need to be well-equipped to provide the right guidance to beginners. 

World Markets is rightly so which is why it is one of the top choices for novices. They have a wide range of educational content which can prove to be very helpful and will definitely up your game in the trading markets. 

Variety of trading options

People all over the world have different preferences regarding everything and trading is no exception. But, World Markets remains prepared for this wide range of needs of its customers. 

It provides a huge variety of trading choices, including copy traders. This gives the customers a lot of options to choose from. They refrain from choosing other platforms when they are getting so many under one roof. 


Despite so many amazing features, the trading platform is not without its disadvantages. 

No option of a test run

Most trading platforms allow their customers to do a test run with the company. This means customers are allowed to create a demo account and trade for a particular period to figure out whether the platform is right for them. 

World Markets offers no such thing. Not being able to have a test run often turns away a section of customers who do not want to take the risk of choosing them without a trial run. 

Inconvenience in money transfer

Once you have opened an account with a trading platform, you will be required to transfer a certain sum of money from your bank account to begin trading. You can do so with the help of your credit card. 

But, World Markets does not let you use your credit cards, or PayPal for the transfer of money. Instead, you have to look for other means to make the transfer. This causes inconvenience to the customers of World Markets. 

Accounts offered by World Markets

World Markets allows its customers to open three types of trading accounts. They are self-trading, artificial intelligence-powered trading, and cryptocurrency trading. The AI-powered features allow the platform to recognize risks for its customers. 

Customer services

The platform is extremely promising when it comes to serving its customers. It promptly replies to the queries of all its customers within an hour or two. 

Trading fees

World Markets charges no fee for each trade, but instead, 20% is deducted from the profit earned by a Standard Account, and 10% in the case of Gold Premier accounts at the end of every month. 


This trading platform is available on multiple devices and either version is extremely easy to navigate through making it user-friendly, especially for beginners.