The security of your business premises is critical. Thanks to advancements in camera technology, modern security cameras can give you a balance of functionality, durability, value, and video quality. While some security camera systems use hardwired systems, most modern ones use wireless connections. Most importantly, choose a security camera you can rely on for all your security needs.

For instance, a camera with built-in infrared lighting is valuable for recording dim and pitch-black environments. You should also review the system to see if it is rated for indoor, outdoor, or all environments use. Most importantly, engaging an experienced business technology company can help you determine the best security system for your needs.

Here are the best commercial security cameras to consider.

Arlo Pro 3 spotlight camera

This is one of the best security cameras in the market for commercial premises. The starter kit comes with one to six cameras, and each one of them can shoot video in 2K. It also has HDR options for clearer images. The best feature is that the camera has motion detection capabilities and an integrated spotlight recording. 

The cameras have a 160degree view angle and rechargeable batteries that can last up to six months after a single charge. The security system is also compatible with modern tools like google assistant, Alexa, and apple voice control. It also allows you to set up package detection alerts and focus on high traffic areas to prevent theft.

Swann 12 camera security system

Swann 12camera security system is ideal for monitoring indoor and outdoor premises, whether a large storefront or a warehouse. It comes with 16recording channels, and you can add up to four more cameras to monitor a wider area. Every camera in the system records in 1080p HD; therefore, it can detect minor details, including facial features, vehicle plate numbers, and even logos on clothing. The camera can view up to 100feet when recording at night in black and white and 32feet when recording in color. It also has motion detection features. You can also remotely monitor live feeds from your smartphone with the right integrations.

Arlo ultra 4K UHD security system

This one can record in 4K UHD resolution, which means license plate numbers, faces, and outfit details can be clearly recorded even at night. The starter kit includes one to four cameras, and a subscription plan allows you to add up to 56cameras. Every camera is integrated with a smart siren system activated by sound and motion detection, and it also has an integrated feature for two-way audio and a noise-canceling microphone. Every camera comes with water-resistant housing for protection from outdoor elements.

Reolink video surveillance system

One of the best features of the reolink video surveillance system is that it comes with a 2TB hard drive, which means you can store lots of videos. It has four durable cameras with 1440p HD resolution and can accommodate up to eight cameras. The cameras have built-in infrared LEDs to provide clear night recording, and you can access video and audio by integrating the dedicated app.

The takeaway

Review the features of the camera system beforehand to make an informed choice.