7 Maintenance Rules All Car Owners Should Follow


Transport is an essential and inevitable function of human beings. Road transport has emerged over time as the most common means of transport. This necessitates the need for cars. With just  1.5 billion cars in existence today, it is imperative that we familiarize ourselves with car maintenance.

This will help you save on repair costs and reduce wear and tear thus ensuring your car’s longevity. Here are seven tips to assist you in maintaining your automobile.

Regularly Wash your Car

Cleanliness cannot be overlooked when it comes to car maintenance. Washing your car helps keep it fresh, neat and free from external elements. It can be manually done at home with water, liquid soap and a towel.

Do not use powder soap when cleaning your vehicle. This is because the powder particles may not dissolve in water and end up clogging various parts of your vehicle.

You can also visit a car wash for cleaning services. Modern car wash stops are automated. However, it is important to consider the propensity for your car experiencing automatic car wash damage.

Protect the Glass on Windows and Windshield

The glass on your windows and windshield is responsible for visibility when driving. Its maintenance is thus called for.

Polish the glass surfaces with products  like Nexgen Ceramic Spray. This ensures a sparkling finish and clear surface.

It will also protect the glass from scratch damage and other friction-induced tears.

Inspect your Car Tires

Car tires are like the feet of the automobile. Just like with human feet, motion cannot take place without car tires.

You should always ensure that the car tires are inflated to the recommended pressure. The maximum pressure is usually stated in the car manual. Check the tire threads for wear and tear.

Most people dismiss the importance of washing and coating car tires. Cleaning agents like Car Pro Reload Ceramic Coating are used to protect the tires from external elements and friction.

Ensure you have an Emergency Tool Kit

To avoid being stranded on roads in the event of an emergency, you should always have a tool kit in your car. This comes in handy in performing quick fixes.