After a long winter, it is time to breathe life into your home by doing a thorough spring cleaning. As the snow melts into spring showers, the best thing you can do is refresh your home and even get the entire family involved in tidying up. Spring cleaning is a little deeper and covers more areas than usual. Here are five ways to do the job right when cleaning your home in the spring.

Deep Clean The Interiors.

Spring cleaning your home starts with deep cleaning the interiors. You are used to washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen counter and the sink every other time. However, you may be forgetting the walls, behind the appliances, and under the kitchen counters.

This is the ideal time to hit those surfaces and give them a deep clean. You should take your time to wipe down the walls and other surfaces for a fresh look. Do not forget to clean the ceilings, doors, windows, lights, and fans to make them look new again. If possible, move the appliances aside to get to all the nooks and crannies.

Clean High To Low

When spring cleaning your home, it is advisable to clean from high to low to simplify your work. Whether you are cleaning doors, windows, or walls, this is the best way. When you clean from the low to high, the dirt from the top falls to the clean lower areas trashing your efforts. 

Therefore start with the ceiling, light fixtures, and fans. The dust will fall on the lower parts you will tackle as you finish cleaning. Even when wiping the walls, start from the highest point to the lowest.

Remember The Details

In most cases, you are used to overlooking the details that it is easy to forget them when the right time comes. Spring cleaning is not thorough until you clean everything from upholstery to appliances. Now is the best time to wipe clean the inside of your refrigerator and the oven.

Deep clean inside the cabinets, brush over the tops of the doors, clean the carpets, polish your wood floor and furniture, and wipe down light switches. Spring cleaning is to give your home a fresh look, so do not overlook any details.


Spring cleaning also provides an opportunity to eliminate all the unwanted things you have in your home. Decluttering your home makes it easier to clean because you minimize all the knickknacks.

It is essential if you are spring cleaning your house for an upcoming move. That means you will pay the moving company less because you have fewer items to move, saving you more. Donate, sell or give away all those items you don’t need and leave only what makes sense to you. that will make the house look clean and tidy.


The last stage of spring cleaning is to organize your house. Ensure you have cleaned to detail, decluttered, and removed dirt on every corner. Reorganize your home with decorative pieces to make it look fresh.

The Bottom Line

Spring cleaning your house offers a fresh, satisfying look, whether you are moving or not.