05 Best Non-toxic Mattresses of 2022 – Thelawadvisory.com guide!


It’s not like the best non-toxic mattresses are chemical-free; they only have them per the non-toxic certifications standards. Enough to prevent them from getting burned and not interacting with your body or room environment.

Such mattresses promote a healthy sleep routine and combat the factors causing pain in your body after awakening from a good night’s sleep. That said, there is an ocean of companies offering non-toxic mattresses, should you go for any of them?

No way! You don’t have to, since you have just landed on this guide by thelawadvisory.com, advising you on choosing the best non-toxic mattress for yourself, and listing the five best non-toxic mattresses out there.

How to Choose the Best Non-toxic Mattress

Following are the factors you should consider when making your final move for the best non-toxic mattress.

1. Certifications

While there are many certifications a company could be certified for, which are all valid, you should look for these two names, GOLS and GOTS, more prominently. The former is an acronym for Global Organic Latex Standard, and the latter is abbreviated to Global Organic Textile Standard.

GOLS-certified mattresses are manufactured of organic raw materials certified of the same standard. Consequently, the companies must manufacture their mattresses with 95 or more percent of organic raw material to obtain the GOLS certification.

As for GOTS, mattresses made of more than 70 percent of organic fibers get to be recognized as GOTS-certified.

2. Materials

The best non-toxic mattresses are made with latex, fiber, and organic raw materials. There is memory foam as well, but that is a fill, which is way comfortable. However, here is why we recommend mattresses made with latex, fiber, and organic materials.

Latex, fiber, and organic raw materials, as we explained above, carry optimal quantities of chemicals, enough to not interact with your body or room environment. Sleeping on these mattresses will allow you to wake up healthy, fresh, and relieved.

3. Size

Mattresses are available in various sizes, six to be precise. They can vary from child-size mattresses to mattresses for taller people. Depending upon your usage, you should opt for the respective mattress size. To us, you should choose the mattress that comes in multiple sizes, no wonder you might want to get more of that after you spend a night on it.

4. Budget

At times, you end up choosing the mattress that costs nearly double or triple your budget. And for obvious reasons, you have to let your choice go. As a result, you should always consider your budget a crucial factor when inspecting options to bring to your home.

This way, you will not only bag a modest purchase but will have a great time sleeping on it.

5. Warranty

The mattress might look and feel impeccable at first, but within a few days, you may counter any sort of drawback that might lead you to dislike the mattress that you loved enough to accommodate at your home.

Now that your mattress has a warranty, you can go and have it checked or even replaced. But contrarily, you’ll have to stick with it, spending the rest of your nights regretting your decision to buy it.

These were, to us, all the factors affecting your purchase of the best non-toxic mattress. If necessary, you can also consider the additional factors like shipping, sleep trials, and firmness.

The Best Non-toxic Mattress

Our list of the best non-toxic mattresses consists of the units that are the collection of all the factors described above. Here are the mattresses we think are the best.

1. Avocado Green Mattress


  • Caters to all styles of sleepers.
  • Eco-friendly choice.


  • Keep your distance if you are a memory foam lover.

The best thing about Avocado Green Mattress is that it is free of harmful chemicals that interact with the room environment and your body. Instead, you’d find the materials like organic fibers, individual coils, and organic latex, shaping the mattress itself, the cause of us putting this mattress at the number one spot.

Additionally, its latex usage is certified from GOLS, wool and cotton from GOTS — couldn’t be safer. As for the sizes, it is available in all typical six sizes, from the largest, king california, to the smallest, twin size.

2. Birch Natural Mattress by Helix


  • Best for taller people
  • Caters to stomach and back sleepers
  • All natural


  • Not soft, doesn’t devour you.

The word ‘Natural’ in its name isn’t only to attract attention. It legitimately describes the product. This mattress is made with natural latex, possessing hypoallergenic and antimicrobial characteristics.

In simple words, the mattress would neither cause allergy nor would it let the microbial activity take place on your body. Alongside being recognized by GOTS, the mattress is certified from eco-INSTITUT, OEKO-TEX, and Greenguard.

All those certifications signify its effectiveness with protecting you against bad, numb, and unhealthy sleep. Also, as per Helix, this mattress, at times, provides a cool-surrounding effect, and relieves pressure.

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress


  • Best for Hot sleepers
  • Side and back sleepers weighing on an average


  • Not for stomach sleepers

This mattress from Nectar features a memory foam fill, which is best for people who like being devoured into the mattress. And because of memory foam, it is certified from CertiPUR-US that ensures the foam quality of the mattress meets the standards and provides your body the comfort it craves after a long tiring day.

Furthermore, it has breathable properties, allowing the air to circulate throughout, making it the best for hot sleepers. It also boasts the ability to inject a dose of cooling as you change your sleeping position, keeping you sweat-free all night long.

Not to forget the 365-days warranty, which simply means your mattress is for the trial at your home for a year! You don’t like it, you can return to the company, or exchange it with the fresh unit. All sizes are available, just choose your fit, and get it in.

4. Natural Escape Mattress


  • Best for people who love bouncy beds
  • Best for Stomach and back sleepers weighing on an average
  • Best for Side and hot sleepers
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not very firm
  • No deep contouring

A combination of latex and fiber, the natural escape mattress may turn out to be your favorite if you are more into bouncing on and off on the bed. It is certified by GOLS and GOTS for its latex and fiber standards, which account for its safety and protection against harmful chemicals while sleeping.

It has a medium firmness, no wonder why it boasts an ample bouncing rate. However, due to the same firmness, it supports your spinal alignment for its relief and comfort. You’d right away feel that instant exhale of getting your spine straight and out of unrest.

5. Purple Hybrid Premier


  • It is best for all sleeping styles
  • Caters to all your requirements


  • Doesn’t come in twin size

Featuring certifications from Intertek Clean Air and CertiPUR-US, the purple hybrid premier carries a memory foam fill, you might think that! But it’s not like that. It has an Purple-exclusive Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid that, according to Purple, performs better than memory foam or spring coils.

Such a build of this mattress allows it to make room for the airflow and keep the temperature cool and maintained. As soon as you lie over it, you’d feel the mattress targeting your pressure points, and relieving them of their pressure and stress.

However, the mattress isn’t yet available in a twin size, which might stop you from opting for it. Otherwise, it gets along the best per the performance standards.


It is your preference of performance and certifications that will shape the best non-toxic mattress for you. And since purchasing the mattresses isn’t a small investment, you need to be cautious when finalizing your decision about any of them. Hopefully the guide by thelawadvisory.com will help you in choosing the best mattress for yourself.